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MLTW Machine & Tool Inc. provides a long term machining contract. With the long term contract MLTW will machine your components in lots depending on your order quantity and usage. Keeping them stocked to fulfill the next order quantity. A long term contract will save you money by reducing setup and reserving capacity.

With MLTW shop layout in a cell format, we can match part families to run in process operations and multiple operations at once which allows us to increase our capacity and keep cost down while providing our customers quality components to meet their delivery requirements.

To ensure MLTW meets our customers requirements, quality starts with the machining process. All of our employees are trained and responsible for meeting our customers quality requirements with in process inspection. The MLTW inspection department verifys your component meets your requirements and has all required documentation and identification prior to shipment.

MLTW Machine & Tool Inc. provides the following services to support and satisfy customer quality, price, and delivery requirements:


CNC and manual turning, milling, and drilling
Custom and production machining
Short-run production
Long-run production
Sub-contract work
Jig and fixture work
Welding and repair
Walk-in custom machining and repair
  (home, farm, racing, truck/tractor pulling)

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